What kind of artwork is accepted for exhibit at the HEAVEN ART GALLERY?
Professional, novice and amateur artists in any medium may submit their artwork for exhibit. You must submit high-quality digital photo images of your artwork. The HEAVEN ART GALLERY represents an opportunity to get your artwork exhibited in a real, brick and mortar contemporary art gallery.
What are the minimum and maximum number of digital photo images that can be submitted - and what are the fees?
Every Artist Profile registration form should include upload of at least one (1) digital photo image. Effective August 1, 2017, the total participation fee is just $20 for each digital photo image per month. A maximum 100 digital photo images may be submit per month as long as the standard Artist Exhibit Fee accompanies each submission.
How are my digital photo images exhibited?
Every one of your approved digital photo images will be displayed on our 65" LED displays with new exhibits every hour, up to 8 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week during gallery operating hours, for an entire month. Your digital photo images will also be available to visitors to purchase as prints at our On-Demand Print Center for the entire month.
How do visitors at the HEAVEN ART GALLERY purchase any of my artwork digital photo images?
Our On-Demand Print Center, located inside the HEAVEN ART GALLERY, is capable of reproducing your work in any size print from 8"x10" to 24"x36" and up. A variety of paper choices and printing techniques are also available to the visitor. They simply select the size, paper stock and printing technique they would like and finished prints will be provided to them or shipped directly to an address of their choice. Professional framing options are also available.
Does the artist get any commission for print sales?
Yes. Effective August 1, 2017, the HEAVEN ART GALLERY gives a 40% commission to each and every artist for any print sold. The 40% commission applies to any size print. The smallest size print sold (8"x10") will provide the artist with a commission of $38.00 - more than the artist participation fee for one month. If a visitor would like to purchase your original art, we will contact you for your asking price and convey this information to the buyer. If this results in a sale of your original artwork, you agree to provide a 30% referral fee to Heaven Art Gallery at the time of sale. You or the buyer will be responsible for any shipping, handling and insurance charges.
When do artists receive their commissions from artwork sold?
Commissions are paid by the 15th of the month following prints sold in the previous month. Artists must have, or establish, a PayPal account to receive electronic payments.
What are the guidelines for the type of digital photo images submitted in terms of mature content?
The HEAVEN ART GALLERY is open to visitors of all ages. As such, we ask that submitted artwork be suitable for viewing by all ages. Fine art implied nude artwork will be subject to review and approval. Fine art nude artwork cannot be accepted for the HEAVEN ART GALLERY exhibits and we ask artists to respect this limitation. Artwork depicting any form of violence or obscenity will not be accepted.
How can an artist participate as a workshop leader or guest speaker for the various special programs offered monthly at the HEAVEN ART GALLERY?
We welcome artists to present their ideas for workshops, educational programs or guest speaker events. Send us an e-mail with your program concepts and dates of availability. We will typically require 1-3 months advance notice for planning and scheduling purposes. The gallery is available for special programs both daytime and evening hours.
Can artists participate in the HEAVEN ART GALLERY 'Pay It Forward' program?
Yes. A percentage of annual net profits is set-aside to support emerging and established artists and local community projects and programs supporting the arts. A HEAVEN ART GALLERY Advisory Board will review any submitted Letter Of Interest to receive funding support. Send a well-defined description of your accomplishments, financial need, program or project by e-mail to request consideration in the 'Pay It Forward' program. Requests can be submitted all year long and will be reviewed in January and June of each year.